Argova valley

   Argova valley- I dreamed about this trip for a long time ago from Gurbanesti village to Frasinet dam, almost 32km round trip.
   The weather forecast was perfect, sun without any clouds, 34-36 Celsius degrees. I started from Bucharest at 5:30 in the morning with an old friend that was spending all day in Gurbanesti at fishing. At 8 o'clock I was prepairing the boat at starting point in Gurbanesti village. i got 6 liters of drinking  water, food, toolbox and a seccondary 70amp battery from my car.
   The morning is very beautiful, landscape is very picturesque with a lot of nature a lot of birds. The boat gently wawed on the water. What i'd like the most was the silence thats surrounded me, daily uproar of city remaines lost behind me like my boat backwash that is following me faithfully.
   A big flock of pelicans hijack's me from the route and in the next moment I'm heading to picture them, but shortly after that I remaned stuck far away from shore. I measure with my paddlethe depth of water wich is very low, then decided to get off  the boat and push'it until reched a bigger depth. I pushed more than 10 minuts.
   Frasinet get on the lake, a beautiful landscape, the road begin to widen conciderably, suddely I find myself in the middle of the lake like a brave little criket forward, decides on the waves with the wind in front.
I find myself in a unknown world, a new posture surrounded by water on my hoop savior who is deerer to me more than ever. I throught growing trough various scenarios: what if the engine let me down or my wiiring soldering or my fiberglass paches etc. It was the first time lived more intensly, I do not know what the boat is capable of, or what I can....but everything returns to normal when I see in the distance the Frasinet dam, attraction of the route.
   I found a sunny place at shore, good place for a break for me to eat and for boat to charge.
After 1 hour at 13:30 leave behind the dam upstream and turn to starting point. After 10 minuts right in the middle of Pond Mostistea motor starts showing defects and dies suddenly. Begin to check wiring, battery etc but nothing seems to work. From shore is more than 20 minuts paddling. At shore new checks and overcheks whitout any results, that conclude me the issue is from the motor.
   I loosen the engine, its filled with water (the motor is submerged) and 70% consumed brushes. Then I realised that in fact engine was running all day whit water in it, because i don't change seals after opened. I'm guessing I could run forward whith water in it until he weare out the remaining of 30 % of brushes. Put it all toghether then propeller start to spin in 4th speed as in 5th speed current was wery high and jumping made short fuse.
That seems to work, I manage to crolling for almost 3 hours (great wonder). At about 4 km from Gurbanesti engine dies in forward mode, so I back the boat and ride'it in reverse mode a little while, until everything stops. I gave paddels for 1 km for a good time until 8 o'clock when I arrived at the place of departure. 
   That was my adventure on Argova Valley place I would happly return.

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