Dorobantu Channel-Veresti Island

    The autumn was started, a season very loved by me, the sun still shine well but the temperatures is very confortable for a new boat adventure. This time I was gouing to travel with my old friend Tudor.

    We started at 5:30 from Bucharest, at 8 O'clock we found ourself's on Dorobantu dam, were we launched our canoe on water. This time I was using another 62 lbs trolling electric motor but with 690 wats of power, this time isolated with water silicon.

In the begining landscape has not much to offer, vegetation in very poor (because we are in Baragan plate) but o few duck's and geese make out trip more interesting.

    After an half an hour of running we can saw the bulgarian hills, this is the sign we are getting closer to Danube river. From place to place we can saw clamps of trees anb bushes growing as we get close to Danube, than take a short break closer to a very beautiful forest. From here we can sow that Danube is very near. We are getting very impatient of getting out of channel and entering into our main attraction of trip the great Danube river. In our running we can saw the river getting closer and closer until we find ourselfs on that big oppening of water. I was delighted with an immpresive picture in wich I found a lot of nature detailes.

    In the upstream we founded an small island of sand filled with birds and no human footsteps, from here we can saw Veresti Island romanian earth last, a little far from us. We planed to get there and return shortly after that.

   The engine was running slowly then from nowhere a wave sobering us, there is no place to return, the water current is getting stronger and stronger, island is located almost in the middle of Danube river. After a very tense period and 20 minuts of hard thinking we achived our goal and put feet's on Veresti Island.

From that point because of intence moment lived early'er I lay on the sandy beach in a shaddow of a tree and take a good half an hour sleep.

   We loose an full hour here, the battery take some juice and I took the plunge for return trip 1.5km upstream. We cross Danube downstream because of powerfull water current and closer to shore put the boat upstream in 5th speed. Speed lowered very much, engine is in full throttle and returning was taking more time that I thought. All this time engine was not letting me down.

   That was the trip on Dorobantu channel, the place and adventure was very memorabe, we have a very quiet trip, noone bother us.