Snagov lake tests

   In the summer of 2016 I started first test with a Lead Gel battery of 105 amps capacity, 12 volts, 300 wats electric motor, and 300 wats solar panels with 2 person on board. Results was very encouraging, we successfuly made a trip of 6 km that lasted almost 2 hours, but unfortunaty because a bad setting of solar controller (he cut-off engine supply at 11,6volts) we came back on paddle.

   In runnig solar panels charge the batery with 13-15 amps and standing targeted into the sun with almost 19 amps. Theoreticly I could run the boat in 4th speed with only the energy from panels.

-4th speed-motor consumed 18amps

-5th speed-motor consumed 41 amps, with kipawa propeller

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